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LaTanya Parsley ABA Coaching and Consulting

Coaching parents and families of loved ones with Autism

LaTanya Parsley, MSc., BCBA focuses on providing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) based coaching and consultation services to families, organizations and agencies that serve people who are on the Autism Spectrum. 



LaTanya Parsley, Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), Certified Professional Coach (CPC)

With over 15 years of clinical training and experience working with children, LaTanya has focused her services on working with children on the Autism Spectrum and their families. 


Individual and Group Coaching

  • Answering lingering questions and concerns around child’s diagnosis

  • Discussing challenges surrounding maintaining balance between personal life and parenting a child with special needs

  • Develop goals for parents to effectively manage personal self care, family and parenting

  • Explore any blocks that may be hindering parent goals related to personal, family or parenting objectives



  • Providing expert advice and guidance to parents, teachers and other professionals that work with people who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder

    • Effective approaches to managing challenging behaviors across multiple environments

    • Utilization of reinforcement and extinction strategies to successfully shape behavior, communication and socialization skills

    • Education about Autism Spectrum Disorder, including early signs and symptoms, most effective evidence-based treatments and the latest research


  • In person and online workshops providing training for parents, educators and other professionals

    • Practical techniques and strategies to effectively support the behavior, communication and socialization skills of children, teens and young adults on the autism spectrum

    • Implementation of evidence-based approaches to mitigating challenging behaviors

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